Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is very simple: We don't sell or share contact info. Period.

Emails submitted via become the copyright property of, and may be used for purposes relating to the marketing of the materials on In other words, we may quote your email, with or without disclosure of your name (most likely without), either on or in printed materials. If you do not wish to be quoted, simply state so in your email. We will honor your request.

We do not use the email addresses of those that submit email for any reason other than to respond to answer questions. We do not even use them for marketing. You will not be signed up for a newsletter. You will not receive advertising.

If you wish to submit an email anonymously, you may do so. Just use “Anonymous” for your name, and make up an email address, something like “” will work fine. Please note that if you ask any questions, we will not be able to respond without a legitimate email address.

While visiting, a log of your computer's IP address was taken. This is simply for purposes of counting (note the visitor counter at the bottom of the screen). By remembering which computers have visited, we can make sure we don't count a person's visit more than once on any given day. The IP log is erased at the end of each day by a computer. The log of IP addresses is never reviewed by a human or used in any other way than to see if you are visiting the site for the first time today. There is no permanent record made.

Please know that we are subject to laws. will cooperate with law agencies by providing them with any information they have a legal warrant to receive, including (but not limited to) submitted names and emails.

In the event we need to update this privacy policy, we reserve the right to do so. If you have further questions, send me an email.