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2007-09-21   Sean to be featured in Emme K Editore magazine

An upcoming issue of Emme K Editore, an Italian music magazine, will feature an article on Sean and his music. Accompanying the issue will be a compilation CD with one of Sean's songs on it. Look for more news in a few weeks.

2007-09-14   Patterns holds at #4 on the New Age radio charts for a second month

Sean's debut CD, Patterns, remained at #4 on the NAR new age radio charts for the month of August, making two months in a row. Thank you to all the listeners and radio stations that helped this to happen!

2007-08-30   Patterns music books are here!

I'm very excited to announce that I have just received the sheet music books to accompany my CD, Patterns. The book contains all fifteen songs from the CD, exactly as I play them (they're not simplified arrangements). Stop by the shopping page to check it out!

2007-08-14   Patterns ranks #4 on the July New Age charts

This may be the most exciting news since I started this project. For the month of July, Patterns ranked #4 on the NAR new age radio charts! A big "THANK YOU" to all of my listeners for helping to make this happen!

2007-08-11   Music from Patterns to be available in book form

Sean is just putting the finishing touches on a book of music to accompany his CD, Patterns. Look for it to appear on the shopping page in the near future.

2007-07-07   Sean's on the radio!

A radio promotion started this month, and Sean is now being played on several stations throughout the US and around the world. Check out the "Where to hear it" page to find a station near you!

2006-12-08   Patterns is here!

The discs are finished, and the online store is now open! To purchase, click here, or use the "Shop" link at the top of the page.

Other options for purchasing the CD will be coming in the near future, including CD Baby, iTunes, and many others.

2006-11-05   Patterns is on its way!

The audio master for Patterns has been completed and the disc has been sent to the manufacturer for replication. CD's should be here in about three weeks.

I've updated the music on the web site with the versions of the songs that will be on the CD. You may have to clear your web browser's cache to play the new versions. Enjoy!
UPDATE: Patterns will be available for purchase on December 8, 2006.

2006-07-30   Recording for Patterns is complete

All songs have been recorded and the mastering stage has begun. With a bit of luck, Patterns should be ready for production in about a month.

2006-05-07   New music added

I've added a new song for your listening pleasure. The Quickening of the Falcon: A Tempest Reborn has been added to the playlist as the second song (right after Alyse). If it doesn't play for you at first, you may have to clear your web browser's cache to force it to download the new file. Enjoy!